Cookie Serletic (Cookiesphotos)

My name is Cookie Serletic, and YES. I am a horse addict.

Since pronounced "horse crazy" at an early age. It seems it all started on that springloaded rockinghorse, I then developed into playing with Breyer horses and drawing horses all the time.

Yes, I mean all the time, just ask my 4th grade Math teacher.

I soon took my love of horses to a career in show grooming, working with different breeds and disciplines, Arabians and hunters and some dressage and paints. Of course I now captured images with a camera instead of a pen, and photography became a passion of its own.
I soon got my first SLR camera followed soon by a pro digital SLR
My photograhy improved as I found out what real cameras can do, and now Its my pleasure to take my artistic eye and create works of art from my photography.

And YES!, I'm still horse crazy after all these years, and loving it...To Book a farm shoot or PORTRAIT session or any other questions , Please call 352-804-6872